Jazz tyger Poem

Out of silence stirs jazz tyger
a poetic metaphor if ever there was
even in the rain tyger roars along with
the roar of the downpour, exalting in the
sky tears curtain that falls like jazz
drops, and growl cries the tyger blues

tyger drinks by the side of the road
the river is whisky and tweaks his whiskers
he smells the direction of the new wind
hears the sounds that speak through
the words that come from here and there
feels the drift that undercurrent takes

better to cross the road, better to see
from other vantage point, energy rises
and falls like leaves, or cleansing rain
comes in swells, and wave forms that have
images flowing in them, images like windows
on the world, openings between spaces and far
traces, the dark powerful shape transforms
watching the jazz snake move in and out of
itself, tyger watches, waits, takes notes
in the open sky, moves through the writing
twisting its laughterful form , I follow the
music animal, it the city of the dead
in the neon lit death mask hovels a vision bleeds

tyger takes time to get a fix on place, stirring
a little chaos here and causing a little mayhem
there, to the way we see the world, tyger says
nothing is true, everything is permitted just so
around the taboo corner tyger moves into the
nothing eye, a wild flame dances there like a
temple into the cosmos itself, centuries revolve

where it is about to find the nexus zero bind dot
moving into the assemblage perspective horizon spot
always the tyger moves so his stripes give him the
best possible camouflage, the tyger is bright
burning in the forests of the night, as Blake says
so it be; in great power the tyger shines brightest

like a radical lamp that loses its obscurity
when it is lit to shed light on what needs
illuminating, always aimed to shed light
where the darkness reigns, but then as the
fire light finds the depths in the night
so does the sun find light in the light
of day where the fire is now extinguished

the voice of the tyger is of this nature
and this is my tyger manifesto...
tyger overthrows the extraneous image, bats stars
tyger moves in a stealthy way, until it is
the right moment to pounce within the poem sphere
on the words that are writing themselves, tyger here
tyger down here, strength is necessary to
carry on the jazz tyger revolution, tyger and moon

tyger poem in the grass rolling around playful
tyger licking paw after a meal of jazz words
tyger poem, invisible, ghostly tyger on the prowl

©Craig Moore © all rights reserved
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